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705 Highway 33 So. Cloquet Mn. 55720 


Welcome to U.S. Metal Detecting.A family owned store in the Northland,helping to encourage family fun,and of course some entertainment to some of us old farts who like to relic hunt as a hobby.

We have decters to fit any budget,and some higher end models for those looking to upgrade further in their treasure hunting equipment.

We don't fill you with hype that you'll be the next treasure hunter in the state to find gold,but can guarantee you'll find a coin,or two,and a whole lot of garbage.We're the real deal here,and won't talk you into buying a high end detector that's made for gold prospecting.We'll get you set up right for Minnesota Treasure hunting,and here we have to look at things logically.So come on down to the store,and we'll share some tales,and go over some of the models that are best here in the state.

Detecting is a fun hobby,and also gets us out of the house to stretch those old legs.It's good exercise too,and you never know what you'll find.The find is what leeps us going,not the specific find,because if it was,I'd of retired from this business long ago.

We carry a variety of models to choose from,and can fill you in on the laws here in the state,on where you can,and can not metal detect.

There are several metal detector brokers here in the state,and we try to do our best to make sure we have the lowest prices.By no means are we trying to get rich off this business.We do it for fun,and love sharing with others our stories with others when it comes to prospecting in Minnesota.


So come on down to our metal detector hangout and have a cup of coffee with us.We'll be glad to show you our models,and share some of our adventures with you on our tales out in the field.


Jack Banard  -- Store Manager